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What we Bring to Your table
Johnsens Catering brings to you a shared experience of up to 70 years in the field of culinary preparation, design, and service. We work together to bring you the finest quality food and service in the Pioneer Valley, whether you pick it up at our shop, we deliver it to your home or serve it for a totally catered affair. With our extensive background in classical preparation and professional service, we have a lot to offer you.

Stuart has built his American cuisine on the foundation of a classic European training taking the 2000 hours of study required under the State Apprentice Cooking Program. He received his apprenticeship papers at the Sonesta in Hartford. From there he went to the Washington, D.C. Mayflower where he worked under a French chef, learning the International cuisine demanded by diplomats and European visitors.

Next Johnsen went to Europe where

he spent four years working in hotel restaurants in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and England. This is where his classic European training was melded and solidified. Following his training in Europe, Stuart worked as Executive Chef for several hotel chains in America. Esquire Magazine elected him one of the top 100 American chefs. [Chicago Magazine rated his cheesecake #1]

Betsy, as well, began baking and catering when she was a young girl. In fact her baking and catering service begun at the age of 13, in the resort village of Bridgehampton, LI helped put her through college. She graduated from the University of Denver where she received her BSBA with a major in Hotel Restaurant Management. This began a career of management from the front of the house with a strong emphasis on quality food and personal service.

Following our hotel experience, we moved into the realm of freestanding restaurants. There we increased our knowledge and experience both in the area of food and service as well as all other aspects of the hospitality industry. We have become well known in the area as the people to call when you want classically prepared food professionally served.


So please call or email us for more information. Our full service wedding and special event catering offers you the advantage of carefree entertaining. Our delicious and high quality food will fit the bill.

your hosts,

Stuart & Betsy Johnsen

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